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I’m trialling adding user-generated content on my sites. But as unmoderated comments can often be a nightmare of spam – I’ve decided to try to limit the content to city descriptions. I think this will help to create a better experience for visitors to my sites.

It’ll also be over great use to webmasters who want to get more one way links to their site as I don’t require a link back form them. Just the effort of creating a few lines of original content.

The rules are the description must be original and at least 100 words. In return I’ll credit the source and add a link to their site. I think this offer of one way links will work for us both and for my audience.

So if you want links form a site that offers Australian hotels, or New Zealand hotels or hotels in Aisa then find a page without text and send me some content.

Oh, and no porn, gambling, pharmaceutical or links to other sites that would bring mine into disrepute.


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I’m now fiddling with what’s possible on squidoo:

It’s kind of like what I want to do – build websites using other content but with your own special flavour. It’s great that they’ve already added in the monetising part of the equation so you don;t have to pretend that the site is some personal experiment. Just get on and make some money.

Or you can, like I have done, elect to have the money donated to charity. Great idea. Not sure they’ll make too much off mine though.

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Yahoo site explorer

I’ve heard that the Google links: report is unreliable so I’ve been playing with Yahoo site explorer to see who is linking to me: :

I think the results are more useful than Google’s equivalent in the webmaster tools beacuse this lets you drill down into the results and also see when a page was last crawled.

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