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Region and county pages

I’ve added a bit more info to these pages and added a width tag to the images so that the page loads faster.

Below are a few county pages from the US:
New London County Hotels, Connecticut
Bannock County Hotels, Idaho
Baldwin County Hotels, Ababama

and the UK:
Bedfordshire Hotels, England
Angus Hotels, Scotland
Cardiganshire / Ceredigion Hotels, Wales

I like how the Welsh regions also have the Welsh name.


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more counties

I added a few more:

in the hope that I can get these spidered and more links to the actual hotel pages.

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US states and counties

I’ve spent a bit of time trying to match US towns & cities with their counties.

Rather than buying in a list I’ve tried to fins other sources. Not as easy as I thought.

I have started adding a few manually.

I’ve added:

and a few others.

But I think I may have to go and buy the data as it’s taking too long.

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