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too Cuil

Okay, so a few days on and cuil have not indexed any new pages from my sites – but I’ve uploaded another couple of hundered pages to these sites so there is something new to index. But the content isn’t hugley different so they may just be ignoring those pages (these pages are part of another trial I’m doing with google but more on that later). I should stop being so lazy and go and look at the log files to see if their spider has come by again.

I’ve also sent the two sites they were not indexing through to their email address to see what happens.


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Click Scheduler upgrade

I’ve recently started a new contract as a Systems Analyst working on an upgrade of a ClickSoftware scheduling system from version 7.1 (VB6) to 7.5  (.Net).

It looks like it’s going to be lots of fun. Lots of challenges getting my head around the problem domain (scheduling resources in utilities is not like scheduling trains) but the software seems well thought out and structured.

There are connectors to SAP and a Net-weaver front-end which is new to me so there’s some learning to do there but the base product is .Net so I’m at home with that part.  And most of my role will be analysis whch makes for a change form the heavy coding I’ve been doing recently. I’m starting with a Gap Analysis between the two versions and updating the existing documentation as I go.

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script v IBM

I had a real little battle today getting a batch file to ftp from WIn XP to a IBM mainframe. I’ll update this post with thte [suitably] modified code but the real tricks were:

1. just putting the file path and name to be sent to the mainframe in uppercase e.g. AAA.BBBB.FILENAME.TXT, and
2. adding single quotes around the IBM path e.g.
put c:\filename.txt  ‘AAA.BBBB.FILENAME.TXT’

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