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Paris Hilton is my role model

No, not because of her clothes, or her lifestyle. But because she embodies many of the ideas in two great articles I read today.

The first was Where Attention Flows, Money Follows on Kevin Kelly’s blog (found via a TechCrunch article). Kevin has many very interesting articles that I’ll have to spend some time looking through. This article was about how once you have enough people’s attention money will follow. “Almost anything else except attention can be manufactured as a commodity.”

The second was a simple piece with a great title promoting a Radio show: Paris Hilton Success Secrets. This one lacked detail – I didn’t listen to the radio show –  but made the same point: Get attention and the money will follow.

So the challenge now is to:

Maintain an incoming flow of attention and money will follow.” – KK


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Currencies of the world unite (it would make my life easier)

I’ve started adding rates to my hotel comparison sites.  As the sites cover several countries, they also cover several currencies which has added a new twist: how to display the correct currency symbol. Not all browsers support unicode currency characters so should I use an image?  Possibly, so now I’ll have to look into that and find simple solution to check which currency it is then dispaly the correct symbol in the correct way.

Still, I’m pleased that the provider of the data ( ) has started adding minimum rates in. It will make my sites sdo much more valuable.

Now if they’d just add brief descriptions …

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100 Top Hotel sites

One of the blogs I read regularly is THE BOOT by Tim Hughes.

Recently Tim posted an article on a site that claims to rank the top 100 hotel sites.
If you love a list of hotel sites, you’ll like (and hate) TOP 100 HOTEL SITES

Using one of my SEO test sites I set up a link as the TOp 100 requested and lo-and-behold I’m at number 309:

So a site about New Zealand Hotels is the 309th most popular hotel site on the planet.

It’s even more popular than (Number 312) which describes itself as:

“ROOMS-MANAGER.COM, part of (Nasdaq:PCLN) is Europe’s leading online hotel reservations agency by room nights sold, attracting over 15 million unique visitors each month via the Internet from both leisure and business markets worldwide.

Established in 1996, ROOMS-MANAGER.COM offers competitive rates for any type of property, ranging from small independent hotels through to a five star luxury. The site is available in 15 languages and offers over 30,000 hotels in more than 8,000 destinations.”

Update 4 Sept 2007: I’m now number 205, rising fast.

Rating: 3550 points* (was 3650 so someone has removed me …)

Update 12 Oct 2007: I’m now down to number 244. Looks like my popularity is fading ..

*amount mentions of word ‘’ on the other websites

Update 3 August 2008: Looks like it’s time to remove it. I’m number 1660… nto getting much benefit from it now.

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Affiliate programs

Part of my strategy is to sign up to a number of affiliate programs as sources of revenue. So far few of them seem to allow the kind of integration I would like and I’m running low on time to integrate the others.

My favourite find so far is GoDo. I’m not sending them a lot of traffic but they have some fun events and attractions.

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While I work out some of the final issues with events and attractions on I’ve added Google Ads so that anyone who comes across the site might find something useful. It’s also started making me a little money which is nice to see.

Once I have events and attraction sorted out I’ll be looking into booking engines for the various parts of the site. I’ve already identified a number of accommodation booking engines I can use. But I’ll be looking into event based booking engines as well.

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