Google Maps

I’ve been looking for a good example of a .net (v1.1) google map (v2.0).

I stumbled across this article:
It looked interesting because they weren’t using XML as the data source for map points.

I read the comments and it seemed not too many people had been able to get the code to work. So I’ve put together a sample and uploaded it here.



  1. Effetti said

    Hmmm, interesting, but what does one do w/ all the files in the .zip archive?

    Since the original article is basically dealing w/ text files, I would have assumed to see a few text files for yor example, not a ( apparently Windows ) make project usable by even less than those that could get through the original article.

    Thanks for the effort though.

    on OSX

  2. Brian said

    I thought most people were having problems with getting it running using Visual Studio, so that’s what I created: a Visual Studio project.

    I’m about to go back to this and revisit it though as I have another site that will use Google maps.

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